Monteabellón - Ribera del Duero

D.O. Ribera del Duero


Ribera del Duero is located in the upper Duero river comprising 60 municipalities from the provinces of Valladolid, Burgos, Soria and Segovia.

For over 2.500 years, wine and Ribera del Duero have been inseparable. Pre- Roman inhabitants as “Vacceos” and “Arevacos” cultivated vines.

The climate of the region is clearly Continental aith a light Atlantic influence, cold winters and hot summers..

The vineyards are based on loose soils, little fertile with high contents of limestone which give us an excellent fruit to produce high quality wines.


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Monteabellón - Rueda

D.O. Rueda


D.O. Rueda is the oldest D.O. of Castilla y León, whose production area is shared by the provinces of Valladolid, Segovia and Avila.
The area of Rueda is influenced by continental and Mediterranean climate. The altitude is around 700-800 meters high from the sea level. That is why it is exposed to extreme termic changes in the different seasons.
These conditions make the vine to be a natural resistant and it is an advantage to obtain a perfect balance between alcohol and acidity.


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Monteabellón - Rioja

D.O. La Rioja


Rioja Alta is the western- most area of the region of the region of La Rioja occupying the west half of the D.O. The other east half is occupied by Rioja Baja. In the north of Rioja Alta is placed the Rioja Alavesa between Ebro river and Sierra de Cantabria.
Rioja is benefited by the confluence of two climates as opposite as the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, providing excellent conditions for the growth and development of the wines. The difference is easily appreciated in each area. The landscape and vegetation is different because inside the mentioned areas there are different micro-climates.
Rioja Alta has more influence by the Atlantic climate and the soils are mainly calcareous, clay and alluvial.


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