All the grapes used to elaborate our wines come from our own vineyards.


Currently Bodegas y Viñedos Monteabellón S.L. owns 98 hectares of vineyard compounded by different plots located around the township of Nava de Roa, comprising the provinces of Valladolid and Burgos.


Our vineyards are shared in different plots and we can classify them in three areas due to their different altitude.

  • The first area is composed of the lower plots placed nearer to Duero River from which we produce our youngest and freshest wines. The names of these plots are: Los Miles, Valcavada, Picarillo, Monroy y Valdián.
  • The second area with plots placed higher, has sand soils with clay and limestone contents. These plots are perfect to elaborate oak aged wines. The names of these plots are: Pascuala, Lopa, San Juan, Rillosa, Linares, Valdezate, Tras de la Rubiera, Pozo y Madriles.
  • In the third area we have the highest plots where the soils are stony with high limestone content. The low water retention and the extreme weather conditions provides us with ideal grapes to elaborate long oak aged wines. La Blanquera, Pedregal, Valduvienzas, Matambres y Acediano are the names of these plots.
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