Acappela is music, happiness, freshness, is wine, is funny as you and is Ribera del Duero

Acappela, the new rythem from ribera and rueda



Acappela, the new rythem from Ribera and Rueda

A new melody sounds, new chords, fresher ones but keeping our land roots. In the heart of Ribera del Duero borns Acappela. The score have been passed from generation to generation and now comes renovate, Young and fresh with firm and braves notes to teach that wine is music that connect us.

Our history
La banda

The band

Acappela, the new rythem from Ribera and Rueda

Funny and enjoyable, this is as wine lovers are. We believe wine help us to meet, feel and share live and that is why we believe Acappela is for everyone, for people with no fear, a wine from Ribera and Rueda to be enjoyed without protocols.


Acappela essence

Acappela, The new Rythem from Ribera and Rueda

Young and fresh vineyards in different altitudes. Dedication and Respect for the terroir, sustainability. A natural, modest but vibrating way to understand and live the essence of Tempranillo from Ribera and Verdejo from Rueda. Our focus is you, the future, the youth, the freshness of the new rythem from Ribera and Rueda.