In the heart of the Riebra del Duero, the origins of the Monteabellón family wines are based.

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A family winery

The family

For several generations the García family has been fully dedicated to viticulture. Taking advantage of the experience accumulated over decades and their winemaking know-how, Bodegas Monteabellón a family winery located in the small town of Nava de Roa was founded in 2002.
Nava de roa still retains a multitude of stone-presses and cellars where its people made and preserved wine in the past. As in the rest of the ribera del duero, its history and traditions are closely related to wine.


All our wines come from Denominations of Origin, made with native grape varieties.

Bodegas y viñedos Monteabellón

Passion for viticulture

Our Experience

Our experience has enabled us to produce quality wines in other wine growing regions of Spain as emblematic as DO Ca. Rioja and D.O. Rueda, where our passion for viticulture and art in wine making is reflected.


Bodegas y viñedos Monteabellón

Our only goal is to make select wines, for this reason we carry out meticulous vine selection work.

Select wines

Our aim

Selection in our vineyardsS, accompanied by exhaustive work in the field throughout the year, favours low yields per hectare in order to obtain better fruit and produce wines that evoke admiration.


Bodegas y Viñedos Monteabellón